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Balloonacy attends Ballooniversity 2012 in Athens, Ga.

Ballooniversity 2012

Ballooniversity? Yes, I know, its hard to believe there’s a conference called Ballooniversity, but there is…and best of all its held just up the road in Athens, GA. The event is hosted by the largest balloon & home gift distributor-Burton & Burton- which is based in the Athens area. This year the company celebrated their 30th anniversary, so we knew Ballooniversity 2012 would be a great celebration. Due to some previously booked events, we opted to miss the classes on Friday/Saturday and instead attend the Decorators Workshop on Wednesday and Thursday. We knew we’d be spending the day working…being led by some of the best designers in the industry and creating some fairly technically advanced décor. We were ready! We were in the large Ballroom at the Classic Center and the room was filled with over 100 fellow balloon artists ready to start tying balloons! And Did we! It was so fun to start making small components – chains of 23 Link-o-Loon balloons (they are special because they have an extra nipple at the top so the balloons can connect end to end) and then to add those components to other ones and VOILA! We’ve made a vase! Or a chain of balloons that will be part of a wall! Or part of a fountain! Or a chandelier! For 2 days we tied balloons, we chatted with balloon artists from around the world and most of all we LEARNED. And best of all, we’ve brought those lessons back to you! Now you may not have the budget for a 15 foot vase or a 30 ft fountain, but those techniques we used can be applied to décor for your event. As you can see, the sky’s the limit!