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We’ve got Letters!

Did you hear? We’ve got letters! Holland & Sean are now both Certified Balloon Artists!

Um…. what? CBA? What does that mean ?


It means that to reach certification, we had to complete a series of 3 online exams & submit portfolio pieces to be judged before we arrived at the testing site in Denver during the World Balloon Convention.  And then during the 4 hour practical exam we applied that knowledge of skills and techniques by designing and building 5 examples of professional balloon deliveries, arrangements, and decor;  And demonstrated our understanding of design theories, techniques, and business systems through an oral presentation to a panel of industry leaders.


Over 60 people took the exam and Holland’s tropical themed centerpiece was one of 15 picked among the class to be put on display during the week and at the public display during the Festival of Balloons.




Holland & Sean join are now part of a group of over 2500 CBA’s around the world. CBA2picCBA1 pic

Mazel Tov Cara!

Here are some pictures from our event last night.  A tropical theme Bat Mitzvah, “Welcome to Caradice!”

Flowers by Holland/Balloonacy provided all floral centerpieces and Balloon arch.  Enjoy.

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Miller Bat Mitzvah (1) Miller Bat Mitzvah (2) Miller Bat Mitzvah (3) Miller Bat Mitzvah (4) Miller Bat Mitzvah (5) Miller Bat Mitzvah (6) Miller Bat Mitzvah (7) Miller Bat Mitzvah (8) Miller Bat Mitzvah (9) Miller Bat Mitzvah (10) Miller Bat Mitzvah (11) Miller Bat Mitzvah (12) Miller Bat Mitzvah (13)

Miller Bat Mitzvah (14) Miller Bat Mitzvah (15) Miller Bat Mitzvah (16) Miller Bat Mitzvah (17)

Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta Spring 2013!

Over this past weekend Balloonacy and Flowers By Holland participated in the spring show of Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta, held at the Americas Mart.  Flowers By Holland presented a sweetheart table decorated in our style of ‘Rustic Elegance’ wedding floral decor.  With a custom backdrop with shades of purple satin ribbon and burlap.  Using an array of flowers including Hydrangea, Ranunculus, Cabbage, PussyWillow, Anemone, Calli Lillies, Tulips, Lavander, Dusty Miller and Blackberries to create not only a visualy stimulating table but an aromatic one as well.  We would like to thank our friends from Chairs, Covers and Linens or our table linen and Peachtree Tents and Events for the chairs!  We had an amazing turnout attending the show and look forward to following up with all that stopped by our booth!  Here are a few  pictures of our booth!Flowers By Holland Sweetheart tableFolwers By HollandFlowers By Holland BEA sweetheart table

.Flowers By Holland floral arrangementsFlowers By HollandFlowers By HollandFlowers By Hollanf sweetheart table.




Sean and Holland

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Weekend Fun!


Balloon columns, Pride Float

Balloonacy decorate Q100’s Pride float!

Go–Go Juice, Cheese Balls & a little Piggy named Glitzy

Over the weekend we partnered with our friends from Q-100’s The Bert Show and added some balloon fun to their Honey Boo-Boo themed float in the PRIDE parade!  We were happy to add some pink balloon columns to their trailer and wrap them with pink tulle. The columns were then topped with our fireworks sprays and some more tulle poofs. We thought these looked fun with the bales of hay, the trailer full of Q100 staffers dressed as characters from the TV show & the banner: You Better ‘Redneckognize’ The Gays!

Parade décor is always a challenge because you have to account for the wind- especially along Peachtree where some of the areas are like wind tunnels! We were pleased to see our columns had held up well.  We would love to help you on your next event- give us a call and see what we can do to make your event (or parade float) POP!

I do want to give a quick shout out to the Atlanta Police Officer who graciously gave a motorcycle escort to a frustrated and lost tourist who was all confused by the parade road closings.  This woman was begging for help out her car window on how to get to her hotel and without missing a beat the officer said he would be happy to get her where she needed to go. I wish I had been close enough to grab his badge name- he’s one of the good guys.  Thank you Officer!


Holland & Sean

A Southern inspired Celebration!

Balloonacy and Flowers by Holland were thrilled to be a part of the wedding of Laura & Brian this past weekend at Peachtree Christian Church and the reception at Cherokee Town & Country Club. The bride carried a bouquet of ivory Vendela roses accented with Stephanotis with rhinestone accents. Her attendants carried bouquets of white hydrangea interwoven with Vendela roses, mini Calla lilies, and white Ranunculus tied with gray satin ribbon.

In the beautifully uplit ballroom of the Cherokee Town & Country Club we created an elegant mix of high & low centerpieces to accent the room. The tall arrangements were overflowing with white Hydrangea, Vendela roses, and Calla Lilies. The low centerpieces were very special to the family. We worked with the Mother of The Bride to use family silver and crystal containers of varying sizes and filled them with Hydrangea, roses & callas.  So, so pretty.


Congratulations Laura & Brian!



Balloonacy attends Ballooniversity 2012 in Athens, Ga.

Ballooniversity 2012

Ballooniversity? Yes, I know, its hard to believe there’s a conference called Ballooniversity, but there is…and best of all its held just up the road in Athens, GA. The event is hosted by the largest balloon & home gift distributor-Burton & Burton- which is based in the Athens area. This year the company celebrated their 30th anniversary, so we knew Ballooniversity 2012 would be a great celebration. Due to some previously booked events, we opted to miss the classes on Friday/Saturday and instead attend the Decorators Workshop on Wednesday and Thursday. We knew we’d be spending the day working…being led by some of the best designers in the industry and creating some fairly technically advanced décor. We were ready! We were in the large Ballroom at the Classic Center and the room was filled with over 100 fellow balloon artists ready to start tying balloons! And Did we! It was so fun to start making small components – chains of 23 Link-o-Loon balloons (they are special because they have an extra nipple at the top so the balloons can connect end to end) and then to add those components to other ones and VOILA! We’ve made a vase! Or a chain of balloons that will be part of a wall! Or part of a fountain! Or a chandelier! For 2 days we tied balloons, we chatted with balloon artists from around the world and most of all we LEARNED. And best of all, we’ve brought those lessons back to you! Now you may not have the budget for a 15 foot vase or a 30 ft fountain, but those techniques we used can be applied to décor for your event. As you can see, the sky’s the limit!


Balloonacy is Decor Sponsor for Atlanta ISES event.

Balloon Olympic ringsEach year the Greater Atlanta International Special Events Society (ISES) hosts a field day for sorts for those of us in the events industry. This year it was a bowling theme and was held over at 300 Atlanta in Chamblee. Balloonacy was asked to be the décor sponsor and so we came up with some Olympic themed designs to complement the day. We created Link-o-Loon ‘Rings’ that we hung from the ceiling and were a centerpiece of the décor. We also made a Cauldron for the medal ceremony area that was topped with awesome Anagram Curves-we love how these balloons make such cool designs!

We also joined in with our friends at Button It up; Your Seamless Event and Amusement Masters to form Team HAWAIIAN HEAT! And wouldn’t you know it, we came in 3rd place out of 15 teams! Not too shabby!

Planning a corporate Teambuilding event? Give us a call and see what we can create for you to add some POP to your event!

Holland Muscio
Floral Designer & Award Winning Balloon Artist
For Balloon & Floral Decor That POPS!
404.351.0538 office

Balloonacy at The Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta.

The Bridal Extravaganza show August 19, 2012Calling all Brides! We are just 10 days away from the best bridal show in Atlanta, The Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta. The show will be held on August 19, 2012 at The Atlanta Convention Center at America’s Mart for a bridal event like no other. You will find every detail for your celebration showcased by Atlanta’s best wedding professionals, including the Balloonacy and Flowers by Holland team. We are hard at work designing a ‘Rustic Elegance’ wedding table scape for the Designer Gallery and we can’t wait to share it with you! Our friends at Chair Covers and Linens and Event Rentals Unlimited have been great resources with helping us achieve our vision!
If you would like to attend the show as our guest, please give us a call at 404.351.0538.
Hope to see you at the show!

New addition to our staff!

Sean Muscio of Balloonacy in Atlanta, with flowers and balloons.Balloonacy is proud to anounce that Sean Muscio is joining the staff on a full time basis. Sean is the spouse of President Holland Muscio, who has been running the business full time for the last seven years! Holland is pleased to have some help around the office and keep her on task!