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We’ve got Letters!

Did you hear? We’ve got letters! Holland & Sean are now both Certified Balloon Artists!

Um…. what? CBA? What does that mean ?


It means that to reach certification, we had to complete a series of 3 online exams & submit portfolio pieces to be judged before we arrived at the testing site in Denver during the World Balloon Convention.  And then during the 4 hour practical exam we applied that knowledge of skills and techniques by designing and building 5 examples of professional balloon deliveries, arrangements, and decor;  And demonstrated our understanding of design theories, techniques, and business systems through an oral presentation to a panel of industry leaders.


Over 60 people took the exam and Holland’s tropical themed centerpiece was one of 15 picked among the class to be put on display during the week and at the public display during the Festival of Balloons.




Holland & Sean join are now part of a group of over 2500 CBA’s around the world. CBA2picCBA1 pic